Upcoming public holidays in Vatican City 2023

Assumption Day

2024-08-15 (Thursday)

Nativity of Mary

2024-09-08 (Sunday)

All Saints

2024-11-01 (Friday)

Immaculate Conception

2024-12-08 (Sunday)

Christmas Day

2024-12-25 (Wednesday)

St. Stephen's Day

2024-12-26 (Thursday)

Upcoming public holidays in Vatican City 2024

Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God

2025-01-01 (Wednesday)


2025-01-06 (Monday)

Anniversary of the foundation of Vatican City

2025-02-11 (Tuesday)

Anniversary of the election of Pope Francis

2025-03-13 (Thursday)

Saint Joseph's Day

2025-03-19 (Wednesday)

Easter Monday

2025-04-21 (Monday)

Saint George

2025-04-23 (Wednesday)

Saint Joseph the Worker

2025-05-01 (Thursday)

Saints Peter and Paul

2025-06-29 (Sunday)

Assumption Day

2025-08-15 (Friday)

Nativity of Mary

2025-09-08 (Monday)

All Saints

2025-11-01 (Saturday)

Immaculate Conception

2025-12-08 (Monday)

Christmas Day

2025-12-25 (Thursday)

St. Stephen's Day

2025-12-26 (Friday)